M just now….

M: Ya know, Mom, it’s true that knowledge is power. But it’s ALSO true that it’s dangerous when misused, just like Power.
Me: Hmmm…. That’s a good point. What brought that thought up?
M: Just my head. I’m sure the game I’ve been playing helped, though. That’s kinda the theme of it….the perils of misused knowledge. A kid can really learn a lot from video games.
Gleefully flaps his hands a little, clearly satisfied with himself… walks away….


Night and Day

As the water cools this time of year M can be most easily persuaded to swim at sunset “when the name of the day alliterates with the sun.” He quickly dives through a few waves, checks out the sailboats and heads back to shore where I wrap him in as many towels as possible. He spends the rest of the time telling me about his latest gaming ventures, pondering life and people watching.

D will go in anytime- no matter what sound starts the name of the day. He finds random kids to play wave-diving games with and usually has to be persuaded out from under the sea foam with promises of Truffle fries at Shaka Shack Burgers on the way home. No chit chat after- just giggles as I warm him up and race him to the car.

I marvel often at how different they are from each other.
They’re my night and day.