Day 1: Dear Sweet Self

Dear Sweet Self
When you love yourself you’ll:
♡ drink water infused with good energy from loving thoughts.
♡ stop comparing yourself to anyone.
♡ stop obsessing over the new life of the man you can’t seem to stop loving.
♡ learn to obsess over your own inner Love and the contemplation of how to increase this Love .
♡ learn to love this man in a boundaried way.
♡ focus on your own Self love before anyone and let it spill over into the hearts of your Beloveds.
♡ fake it til you  make it.
♡ work to keep your energy high.
♡ learn to stop comparing even your energy to anyone else’s.
♡ meditate.
♡ examine stressful thoughts with the Work.
♡ do two Worksheets per day. At least.
♡ let go of untrue thoughts. Repeat. Again and again.
♡ label stressful thoughts as they occur…comparing, judging,  anger,  jealousy.  Welcome them.  Say hello to them.
♡ get on your mat and move freely.
♡ dance daily.
♡ be of service.  Seek out ways.
♡ play with the boys.
♡ find ways to laugh.

Be Love. It will find you.
Be Love. It will find you.