savor this


I woke up with worries about both boys; their learning, their health, etc…
As I sat at my desk, quietly berating myself for losing focus on the boys in all my Self absorption, in walks my first born, Michael. He’s twelve:

“Ya know, Mom, you’re an awesome parent. Seriously, you have (air quotes) MAD parenting skills. Whenever I’m being kinda hard on myself you’re always there to convince me that I’m not what I’m saying I am.
I’m lucky. I mean, come to think of it, how did I get so lucky, to have this life, with you and dad as parents, this house, a trampoline, all my gaming consoles, this cat, even Dane?
I could pinch myself.”
(pinches himself.)
Note to Self:
Today, bask in having more blessings than you can convince yourself you deserve, and vow to earn them.

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